The Camera Store is Now Your Local Source for Pro Audio!

  By Mark Langridge

Audio Technica 4051b MicrophoneWith high-level film and television production ramping up in Calgary, thanks in part to the recently opened Calgary Film Centre, The Camera Store is moving forward on a great opportunity to be the singular destination for professional location audio equipment in Calgary. The Camera Store has always carried the largest selection of mid-range audio equipment, such as the ubiquitous Zoom Handy recorder series, and classic microphones from Rode and Sennheiser, and now we are setting our sights on the highest levels of gear required by demanding recordists everywhere.

We have already started stocking some classics such as the Sony MDR-7506 headphones, and the legendary MKH-50 and MKH-416 microphones from Sennheiser. Demonstration product has already arrived from the legendary Video Devices and Sound Devices product ranges, with full stock being delivered soon. Sound bags and boom poles from K-Tek are also on the way, and the famous Sanken COS-11D lapel and CS-3e shotgun microphones will also be arriving shortly as well. Equipment selection will be ramped up over the coming months, including shock mounts and wind jammers from Rycote.

Sound Devices, our first new supplier, carries industry standard mixers and recorders. Found on film and TV sets the world over, including local productions from Wynonna Earp to The Revenant, Sound Devices equipment is built to withstand the harshest shooting conditions and provide the best sound quality you could ask for, with high quality preamps, analogue limiters, and solid, refined controls. They even offer a mixer attachment so you can work with studio quality faders on your 6-series mixer/recorder.

K-Tek offers high quality aluminum and carbon fibre boom poles, but their real claim to fame is the Stingray series of harnesses and bags for your recording equipment. The Stingray harness provides unparalleled comfort and a metal spine to keep your posture correct and really save your back during long shoots.

Almost everyone has heard of the Sennheiser MKH-416 and MKH-50 microphones, and the reputations are well deserved. The 416 is one of the best, if not the best, shotgun microphone on the planet. Gorgeous audio quality combined with the ruggedness to survive being submerged in water and keep on recording (though, I don’t recommend pushing your luck!) make this a must-have for location recording. The MKH-50 is arguably the best microphone in the world for indoor dialogue. Despite being a small diaphragm condenser, the MKH-50 picks up nuances you would only expect in a studio microphone, and the sound quality is often described as “magical”. Its precise cardioid pattern allows the microphone to reject off-axis sound well, without negatively colouring reflections the way shotguns do.

Keep an eye out online and in-store as we bolster our selection and look toward even more product ranges, such as digital slates, time code lockit boxes, consumables, and more!

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