Subscribe and Win! Monthly Giveaway

  By Kaitlyn Kerr

Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand, photographed using an ND filter by Alex Beraru.

The Camera Store is running a monthly giveaway to all subscribers of our newsletter! Whether you’re a loyal subscriber or just joining us, you’ll be entered into a monthly draw to win. We’ll have different prizes every month, and as long as you stay subscribed, you have a chance to win.


Our first giveaway will be for the month of March for a Photorepublik Filter Holder kit and Graduated ND filter. Using filters enhances the amount of creative control you have in landscape photography. Graduated ND (neutral density) filters, which start off dark at the top and gradually fade to clear at the bottom, help equalize the exposure in a single frame where you may have a bright sky and a darker foreground, for example. This is a common occurrence at sunrise and sunset, two “golden hour” times of day that are usually ideal for shooting landscapes. Using filters helps you get it right in camera, which maximizes the capabilities of your camera and means less time spent on the edit.

The PR filter holder kit comes with adapter rings from 52mm-82mm to fit most lenses with a standard filter thread, as well as a circular polarizer, which can be used to minimize reflections on water and other reflective surfaces, or to deepen and enhance blue skies and other colours. (Watch Mark Unrau of Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures use this kit in our GFX-50R review.)

Make sure to join the mailing list and confirm your subscription to be entered. The first draw will made be April 1st, 2019.


Kaitlyn is a craft beer enthusiast and self-labelled film nerd. Suitably, she is one of the hosts of Calgary's Beers & Cameras meetup group. She also drinks too much coffee and wants to see too many places. When not helping coordinate events or exploring whatever city, town, or backroad she can, she also works as a freelance photographer and assistant.