Secondary Highway Episode Two – The Avery Stewart Homestead

  By Ryley Smith


The second episode of Robert Scott’s ‘Secondary Highway‘ is now on YouTube! ‘The Secondary Highway’ is a documentary photography project by Robert Scott, who is solving the mysteries behind the most iconic abandoned places discarded in the most picturesque landscapes. This episode interviews Roger MacKenzie, who gives us an intimate look at the story of the Avery Stewart Homestead, a small house built by a large man.¬†

Secondary Highway – The Avery Stewart Homestead – The Story of a Large Man Who Built a Little House

“For over 50 years, bachelor Avery Stewart lived and died in the small house on a hill he built with his own hands. He was a well-known carpenter in East Central Alberta and contributed to many historic buildings in the area. Roger MacKenzie, a lifelong cattle rancher, now owns Avery’s house and surrounding land. Roger tells the tale of Avery, vandalism and the dying cowboy breed.”

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