Making Metanoia

  By tcs_admin

Thankfully, when I was writing the script for ’Metanoia’, I wasn’t stopping along the way to ask how I was going to get it made. If I had, I probably would have thought there were simply too many things I couldn’t accomplish. All I knew was that I was on my way to telling a story that I felt deeply passionate about and excited to tell.

I had friends, family, co-workers, even strangers come to my rescue, solving one problem after another. When I reflect back on some of the incredibly good deeds people did on my behalf, and on behalf of the film, I’m still amazed. Slowly, a cast and crew was assembled, locations were nailed down, and a shooting schedule was chalked up.

We shot the film in seven nights, most of it in Hussar, Alberta. By the time we finished, I was quite tired. I knew immediately it was something I’d never forget. If I had a new script ready, I would have done it all over again the very next weekend. It’s hard for me to express just how much I learned as a director from the shoot, and through the editing process. I wholeheartedly feel the experiences shared with my chief collaborators Riah, Gabe, Behrad, and Jordan, have made me a better filmmaker. Now, I look towards making a new film where I get to put that knowledge to use.

I started making videos for fun with my friends when I was 12 years old, and I just never stopped. Being excited about making a video, or I suppose nowadays, a “film”, is just something that I’ve always had in my life. Still to this day when people ask me why I’m working on something in the first place, I’m not really sure how to answer that question. I just kinda shrug and tell them, “I don’t know, just because I want to.” Sure, my projects have become more work, are more logistically complicated, and hopefully better, compared to when I started filming them on my brother’s webcam. But, I’m still making them for the same reason. I just have to. It’s what I love to do.

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