Landscape Photography Summit

  By Brian Merry

The ILPA landscape photography summit Jan. 13th-15th, 2017 is more than just another landscape photography workshop.  The Summit is meant to be a haven for creativity.  It’s a weekend retreat from the hectic and numerous distractions of everyday life, so that you can turn your complete and undivided attention towards growing as a photographer in the glorious setting of the Canadian Rockies.  The ILPA Landscape Photography Summit held, in beautiful Banff National Park again this year, is a photography conference where you can immerse yourself 100% into your photography and learn from leading professionals in the field.

     The Canadian Rockies is one of the most beautiful places on Earth for landscape photography and they have inspired internationally recognized visual artists to travel here to study and create for over a century.  Banff National Park is one of the four mountain parks which collectively create one of the most beautiful natural landscapes on Earth earning them two UNESCO world heritage site designations in the environment category.  This dramatic and inspirational landscape should be on every landscape photographer’s bucket list.  Having the opportunity to come here to study your craft is just the icing on the proverbial cake when you consider the lineup of professionals we have to present their material to you.

     It’s no wonder why so many of the artists who defined Canada’s early art identity, such as the Group of Seven, gravitated to the Canadian Rockies for the inspiration to create a body of work that would come to define a national and go on to be recognized around the world.  You won’t be disappointed if you attend this summit and immerse yourself into the Landscape, the learning and the growth with other like-minded landscape photographers.

The Location:

     Banff is a tiny little mountain town of 8600 permanent residents located in the Bow River Valley and it has been my home since 1996. Banff is where the Canadian Parks system all started over 130 years ago.  Banff National Park has grown to receive over 4,000,000 visitors a year for one great reason.  Banff is beautiful.  We’ll base ourselves at hotel and conference facilities in the middle of town and conduct our field photography sessions between Banff and Lake Louise.

The Venue:

     Artists have been coming to Banff for over a century.  The first wave of artists included The “Group of Seven” who collectively helped to define Canada’s cultural identity.  Decades later, The Banff Centre for the Arts was formed and has become a distinguished artistic retreat and training centre recognized around the world as one of the premier venues featuring full time professional artist retreats where artists come to spend months on end to become inspired and to grow.  It’s no secret that Banff is the ideal location to attend a photography workshop to manifest your creative side and to emotionally ground yourself helping you to create a solid foundation to grow artistically and, from which, you can learn to express yourself completely.  Join us at the Juniper Hotel on the slopes of Mount Norquay set amongst the huge Douglas Fir trees and the free roaming Bighorn Sheep.

But, why should you attend this summit?

The Vision:
     Our goal is to help you perceive the world with wider eyes and to guide you on your own path towards your own honest and personal photographic experience.  My goal is to create a learning environment conducive to help you see more, feel more, and communicate more through your art, through your photography.  We all want you to become better photographers so we can all continue to create works of art that we can be proud of.  And this summit is designed to help you do exactly that.

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