Going Pro: The Photography Business Has Changed

  By Brad Wrobleski

Professional photography has changed over the years. When I began my career as a professional photographer, (back when Oprah Winfrey started her show), breaking into the business of photography meant ‘paying your dues’. It meant spending thousands of dollars on camera equipment and film while learning the nuances of film. It also meant honing your eye, then sending your work to editors in New York, Toronto and Vancouver by mail. Some photographers would wait and wait for weeks or months for an answer while starving, only eating Vegemite for weeks. Today, selling your photos has changed…

Today, with digital cameras, the internet and the democratization of creativity, a person can buy a camera, pull it out of the box, shoot photos, and have them on an online stock photography ready to be ‘sold’ in a just a few hours. We see this kind of creative self-expression turned into a business with people creating their own books, films, music and even architecture.

With respect to my profession and my peers, it seems that anyone with a good eye, the right equipment, web-knowledge and communication with editors and buyers can sell their photography or skills. A good example of this is the story of one of my students who arrived in class with a camera fresh out of the box, and now, a year later has her own portrait photography business. In almost every class I teach, I see work by photographers that is far better than anything I have ever done. This is one of the reasons I love teaching- to help people reach their creative and professional potential and see them develop their visual voice. No longer do people have to ‘die with their music locked up inside them’.

Today, by combining a creative way of seeing, with modern camera technology and the internet, photographers can sell their photos. This will certainly help support any lens addictions that develop or may turn a specific passion into a portrait, pet portrait, landscape, wedding, magazine, real estate, stock, commercial or boudoir photography business. Its all about learning how to take your creativity and show it to the world, hopefully without having to spend weeks living off of crackers and Vegemite.

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About Brad Wrobleski 

Brad’s work in magazine, stock and commercial photography has taken him to more than 55 countries on all continents. Brad’s engaging and informative, sell-out classes and workshops have taught thousands how to become better photographers. Brad will bring to you a wealth of skills and knowledge.

” I like helping people become better photographers by making learning simple and fun”

Brad’s work has won two Canadian national magazine awards, several ‘best’ photo awards and various awards for creating entertaining and exciting films including  ‘best radical reel’ and the ‘peoples choice award’ at the Banff Mountain Film Fesitval. Brad’s clients include: Backpacker, Men’s Journal, National Geographic, Patagonia, Black Diamond, Outdoor Photographer, Photo Life, National Geographic television, Newsweek, The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Vertical, People, Outside, Explore, National Film Board of Canada, BBC, Red Bull, Outdoor Life Network, Foster Parents Plan International (volunteer), Canadian Business, National Geographic Adventure, Ski Canada, Mcleans and Sports Illustrated. He has a fondness for Italian espresso and Australian licorice. Brad has won several awards for his magazine work and films and is one of the top earners at several stock agencies. He has taught this course several times to sold out audiences. He has an honours degree in communication studies and a diploma in professional writing and visual arts