Godox AD400Pro wins Best Flash System

  By Kaitlyn Kerr


The Godox AD400Pro has won the award of “Best Flash System” at the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) awards in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Godox AD400Pro is a compact, battery-powered TTL-capable strobe head that offers 400 w/s of power. It features a 1/8000 sync speed, 0.01-1 second recycle time, and a 30w modelling lamp (with an LED bulb, to minimize heat output). The battery will run an impressive 390 full power flashes off a single charge, making this a great option for location lighting or keeping cables to a minimum on your set. (An included AC adapter does also give you the option to run off the wall.) The head also features a Bowens mount speedring attachment, allowing for the use of a vast range of softboxes, beauty dishes, and other flash accessories to give you an optimal level of control to shape the light.

It works in tandem with the rest of the Godox lineup, from small on-camera flashes up to the AD600 Pro, a bigger and more powerful version of the AD400 Pro. TTL-capable triggers are available for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic/Olympus, Pentax and Fujifilm, to give you easy wireless radio control of up to five separate groups of flashes at any one time.

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