German Beer and The Panasonic G85

  By Chris Niccolls

I’m sitting at a table, a now empty steiner of German beer is in front of me, surrounded by local photographers, and fellow YouTube channel hosts, and upon the Rhine a barge full of locals partying to loud music floats by. This is Cologne. Jordan Drake and I find ourselves in this stunning city to take in all that is Photokina. The largest photo tradeshow in the world is in full swing, and the atmosphere couldn’t be more enjoyable.

Rewind a few hours and TCSTV is about to hit the streets of Cologne to shoot our latest episode featuring the Panasonic G85. As a micro 4/3rd shooter myself, I always appreciate the smaller body design and lens compactness that Olympus and Panasonic offer. As a street camera, they are discreet, lightweight, and incredibly fast focusing. In particular, I was impressed by the G85s smooth shutter, and brand new image stabilization system. The G85 allows incredibly stable shots at slow shutter speeds. A benefit made even more desirable due to the relatively poor ISO quality of Micro 4/3rd sensors in low light. Large dials, a fantastic touch screen interface, and rotating screen, serve to provide the user with an easy and intuitive camera which is also of paramount importance when shooting quick street scenes. Suffice to say I loved the experience.

More and more, as I shoot smaller cameras, across more and more cities, I have found that the experience of taking the actual pictures is of the utmost importance. As a result, I enjoy the actual experience of shooting, I let less distraction come into my mind, and focus more intently on what I want to communicate. The simple act of having fun, seems to result in a more successful day out taking pictures. Perhaps the constant pressure of always hunting for THAT one picture is what ultimately ruins the pursuit of photography as an art form.

Instead as I look back on my time in Germany, I remember the amazing people I’ve met, the quality of light on the streets of Cologne, the cobblestone under my feet, and the everyday energy that is life in Germany. I remember only the enjoyable experience of a memorable journey and I can’t help but attribute a big part of that to the Panasonic G85 on the streets of Cologne.