Defend The Darkroom’s New Events!

  By Ryley Smith


If you are a fan of Paulette Michayluk’s Defend the Darkroom Podcasts you need to join her new event, In Conversation…. These new events by Paulette Michayluk give you the chance to get involved in the conversation, ask questions and let photographers come together and inspire each other! The first event will be on January 19th at 7:30 pm EST with Matthew Plexman!

The first In Conversation… event will be with Matthew Plexman and will focus on embracing the New Year and how to get inspired and attack the New Year! Matthew Plexman will be sharing how he is attacking 2022! It will be a lively discussion about how this busy studio owner juggles both a thriving commercial practice and a successful artistic practice.

Matthew Plexman is an industry staple in Toronto with over 30 years in the industry as a shooter, mentor and support. He has shot across North America as a commercial shooter and an artist and is an overall inspiration!

The participation fee is only $10 for this exciting event! This includes access to a recorded version of the conversation!

Click here to register!

For more information on Matthew Plexman, you can visit his Studio website or artistic website


Ryley graduated in 2018 from the U of C, with a bachelor in Sociology. With a strong love for writing, and having dabbled in photography, she wanted to take her curious mind and put it towards a more fun and creative future. In her spare time, Ryley finds herself camping, skiing, and fishing. She also loves craft beer and interesting food, ideally together.