Cool Gadget: Tehkron CagePro

  By ColinTyler

One of the biggest issues that I have had with the GoPro 3 is its battery life, or lack there of. If you are shooting high-resolution video, you will be lucky to get between 1-1.5 hours of video life. Luckily the Tehkron CagePro is an innovative solution that solves this problem and a couple more, by turning your GoPro into an action cam made for some of the toughest situations with battery life for the long haul.

Before I go into the all the positives of the CagePro, there is one small drawback: in order to get the full battery life that the CagePro offers, you must give up the waterproof housing and use only the skeleton housing. I found this to be a very minor drawback as most of the shooting that I do is in dry conditions where the added protection of the cage (plus the benefit of the 1/4″-20 and 3/8″ mounting holes for attaching extra accessories such as a carrying handle) made it an easy decision. The main advantages of the Tehkron CagePro are the ability to use a Canon LP-E6 battery as the power source and the ease of changing batteries on the fly. Using the CagePro with the LP-E6, I saw an almost unbelievable increase in battery life with the recording time jumping to about 5 hours on a single charge.

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