Capture One Pro July Promo!

  By Ryley Smith


Get the award-winning Capture One Pro for 25% off during the month of July! Capture One is an incredible photo editing software that makes it easier than ever to cover up spots, repair your photos, and track your changes. With loads of outstanding features and variants for Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony users, this is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your workflow and create stunning images!

Capture One Pro was designed with user experience in mind and is easy to migrate your collections from other photo editors. The new activation flow with its new dialogues, sample images, and interface guidance make it faster and easier than ever to become a Capture One user. With Capture One’s upgraded Lightroom Catalog importer, it is even easier to migrate without missing a step.

Capture One also boasts new tools such as heal and clone that reduce the need for external retouching applications and the before & after tool that gives new ways to check your editing progress and to compare your edits. Of course, Capture One comes packed with Basic Colour Editor, Advanced Colour Editor, True-to-life Colours, the Colour Balance Tool, Skin Tone Editing and the Black and White Tool.

Get Capture One Pro for 25% off between July 1st and 31st, 2021! 

Click here for more information and to purchase Capture One!


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