Canon March Cashback Event

  By Ryley Smith


Upgrade to Canon during Canon’s March Cashback Event! Receive combined savings of up to $600 on select Canon cameras, lenses, and kits, including best-selling cameras like the Canon EOS R5, R6, and R7. With instant savings on select items PLUS cash rebates of up to $400, now is the perfect time to upgrade!

The Canon March Cashback Event process to upgrade is super easy! 

  1. Purchase a product from Canon’s eligible product list here.
  2. Once you receive your new Canon gear, submit your claim to Canon here by May 15th, 2023
  3. Track your claim! 
 Instant Savings  Cashback  Combined Savings
Canon EOS R10 Body or Kits  $ 180.00   $ 50.00  $ 230.00
 Canon EOS RP Body or Kits  $ 50.00  $ 50.00  $ 100.00
 Canon EOS R7 Body or Kit  $ 50.00  $ 50.00  $ 100.00
 Canon EOS R Body  $ 500.00  $ 50.00  $ 550.00
 Canon EOS R6 Body or Kit  $ 200.00  $ 100.00  $ 300.00
 Canon EOS R5 Body  $ 500.00  $ 100.00  $ 600.00
 Canon EOS R5C Body  $ 500.00  $ 100.00  $ 600.00
 Canon EOS R3 Body  $ –  $ 400.00  $ 400.00

It’s that simple to save BIG and get the new Canon gear you’ve been waiting to get! 

But don’t wait too long! The deadline to purchase your gear is March 30th, 2023.

Shop our Canon March Cashback Event collection here!


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