Canon G7Xlll Live Streaming Overview

  By Drew Crawford


For anyone who is interested in live video, the Canon G7X mark III presented a very tantalizing feature in its release; the ability to live stream direct from the camera to your own Youtube and Facebook pages. Something never before seen in a standard point and shoot camera.

Normally this capability has only been included in niche specific cameras like the Mevo, and the GoPro Hero 7, making the G7X unique right off the bat. To top it off though, Canon even included the ability to record your live streamed footage directly onto your preferred SD card. An add on which while not 100% necessary, is a nice backup to have in case your stream fails, like mine did.

Being a compact, stacked 1 inch sensored camera, with uncropped 4k at 30fps, this included feature set could have potentially catapulted the camera into the category of gaming, changing cameras for vloggers, and IRL streamers world wide. Sadly however, as with almost anything new these days, it is not without a few game breaking bugs. 

The manual not having a single scrap of info on how to enable the live streaming abilities, Canon’s own weird live streaming server, and the fact you can’t stream to Twitch or Mixer is just a start. The single most frustrating issue is the range of the camera’s wireless transmitter, along with the fact it can ironically only seem to latch onto the longer ranged 2.4ghz networks, and not the more stable 5ghk networks.

This limitation was demonstrated to me in excess when I attempted to test the live streaming functionality at Dreamhack 2019 in Montreal. Despite my phone showing three to four bars all across the entire venue, not once could I even see or latch onto the network. It wasn’t until I went behind the scenes and found a router to stand next to, that I finally got connected. A problem that TCSTV encountered in their testing as well. 

What makes this all the more frustrating however, is that despite the live streaming issues, the camera performed extremely well in every other category on my trip. The uncropped 4k looked great, even when compared to my GH5’s 4k 30p 100mbps footage. The 20 megapixel JPEG images blew anything my phone took out of the water, and of course Canon’s legendary colour science was showing up in full force throughout every image and mp4 file. This is without a doubt a great little point and shoot camera. One that competes right alongside anything else in its price category.

It’s just not the game changer I was really hoping to see.


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