Brand new from Fujifilm: Instax Mini LiPlay Hybrid Camera

  By Ryley Smith


Live life and Play with this amazing new and improved Instax mini LiPlay! Fun right? Live life and Play, LiPlay? It’s where the joy of instant print meets sweet new digital technology. Now you can have an instant camera and smartphone printer all in one! With awesome new features such as a display screen, Bluetooth compatibility and voice playback QR codes, this mini packs a lot of punch.

Lets talk upgrades!

The Instax Mini LiPlay has a display screen that allows you pick between six different filters that can be added during shooting, along with 30 different frames that can be added either during, or after shooting. Talk about insta-worthy customization. The display screen also lets you select which specific photo you want to print, so you can make sure your photo comes out just right. 

When you download the app to your smart phone you open up even more cool features.  You can relive any of your LiPlay moments by scanning the QR code on a picture, which lets you replay the sound of that moment whenever you want on your smartphone. Singing to your favourite song, telling terrible jokes, laughing at those terrible jokes, anything you can think of, the possibilities are endless! You can also use the LiPlay as a portable printer to print any photo from your smartphone’s photo library as well as use your smartphone as a remote control for easier group shots. I said this mini packs a lot of punch! 

Lets talk specs. 

For those of you appreciate those important camera features, here are some of the specifications of the Instax Mini LiPlay. 

The LiPlay has a focal length of 28mm (35 mm format equivalent), super similar to that of an iPhone. It has a flash range of 50 cm 1.5m, with the options to have Forced, Auto and Off. The LiPlay also has Auto focusing (Range: 10cm~∞), a self-timer and a built-in lithium battery. So no scrambling for AA batteries, just charge it up and go!

The overall design of the Instax Mini LiPlay Hybrid Camera is quite compact and slender, only 255g (about half a pound), making it a very versatile, on-the-go camera. So you can take this baby anywhere! 

 The LiPlay comes in three fun, unique and stylish colours; Elegant Black, Blush Gold and Stone White. So pick your favourite, order now or come down to The Camera Store, and start LiPlay-ing it up!

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