Zeiss Touit Lenses: Hands-On Field test

  By Jordan Drake


Chris and I had been planning a day to test out the new Zeiss Touit Lenses for a while, what we didn’t expect was the devastating flooding in Calgary and much of Southern Alberta.  So our field test changed dramatically to show the altered landscape of downtown Calgary.


I wanted to cover a lot of distance this shoot, so I packed light, just using the Sony FS700 and a 24mm F1.8 Zeiss NEX lens.  For stability I brought my trusty Manfrotto 561B Monopod.  Chris’ audio was recorded into a Sony UWP-130 wireless system.


We chose to shoot the video on the Sony NEX-7 as it has the highest resolution of any Touit compatible mirrorless system.  This did make it difficult to evaluate AF speed, however, as the Sony is no speed demon when it comes to autofocus.  In an effort to shoot more documentary style, we only used a tripod for the resolution tests, the rest of the stills were shot hand held.


As expected from Zeiss, the lenses produced gorgeous, sharp images.  However, Chris and I did find ourselves wishing for more solid feeling construction, especially on the focus ring. The Zeiss DSLR and rangefinder lenses have the best feeling manual focus out there, so we disappointed that  this didn’t carry over to the Touit line.  All things considered though, the Zeiss Touit lenses are capable of giving you some of the sharpest images possible on today’s mirrorless cameras.