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  By Mark Langridge

The Camera Store continues to provide an expanding range of pro audio equipment.

Back in the summer of 2016, TCS jumped into pro audio, so we could provide a budding film industry with top tier equipment for professional audio recordists. We saw success with lines such as Sound Devices and K-Tek, not to mention ubiquitous gear from Sennheiser and Sony. We are continuing to build on that selection, and have introduced Sanken and Rycote to the mix.

Sanken’s classic offerings include the COS-11D lavalier microphone, a very well balanced capsule that’s easy to hide, ruggedly built and water resistant, and it’s designed to reject radio frequency interference. We also brought in Sanken’s CS-3e, a legendary shotgun with extreme side rejection and a very tight polar pattern. It takes skill to aim properly on a boom, but it sounds amazing. We are also stocking the CS-1E shot shotgun, perfect for camera-mounted applications, and the incredible CSS-50 stereo shotgun.

Rounding out our Sanken selection is the CUB-01 boundary microphone. With a large diaphragm and cardioid pickup pattern, the CUB eliminates problems commonly found in boundary mics, and it’s easy to hide to get great sound in difficult shots. The Camera Store is also carrying a selection of clips and other mounts from Sanken.

Rycote is the newest name to arrive at The Camera Store. Rycote is the pinnacle of microphone protection, with industry standard shock mounts and windjammers, and we finally have them! From slip-on solutions, such as the Classic Softie and the amazing Super Softie, to full baskets like the Super-Shield. Don’t worry, though, we didn’t forget the small stuff! We have lots of stock on consumables like stickies, undercovers, and overcovers, along with Lyre shock mounts for your boom, or your camera.

We’re very excited about bringing in Sanken and Rycote as we continue working hard to provide the best equipment for every client, and we look forward to expanding our pro audio department with new brands and products from the suppliers that pros trust the most. Check out our website, or swing by the store to see what’s new, and don’t hesitate to suggest new gear that you want to see us carrying!

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Mark became interested in the art of photography at a young age, spending hours poring over old issues of National Geographic from his grandparents. Deciding against any kind of photographic career, Mark carries on as an enthusiast, keeping the art form pure and personal to his own visions.