Winner of the #safety3rdphotocontest

  By Evelyn Drake

Thank you to everyone who entered our Safety Third Instagram Photo Contest. There were lots of great photos and even better stories behind the photos. The Grand Prize went to roughy_shooter. 

We loved her take on the photo contest. Her photo implies that she put herself in some serious danger to get this shot. But, she found a way to keep herself safe in a very risky situation.  “Safety is the name of the game with ANYTHING I shoot. My subjects are large and have mind of their own! While it may look like I’m about to get stomped on, I’m actually shooting from a secret ‘pit’ location at a fave rodeo of mine.”

Honourable Mention:
We would also like to give a shout out to a few of our favourite shots where people really did put themselves in precarious situations to get great photos. Each of them will receive one of our Safety Third T-Shirts. 

By: ratzlaff Monster, August 7, 2014
A repost of this awesome storm approaching Airdrie. Chasing storms across Alberta that afternoon, resulted in a quick drive from Three Hills to Airdrie, about 5 minutes before this location was covered in golf ball sized hail (about 3 minutes before I bailed out of that location to safety)

By: steveshannonphoto “What goes in to getting the shot? A few years ago I was invited to shoot stills during a film shoot where Blair Trotman was dropping 60 foot Sutherland Falls at night. Word got out about the shoot and a number of photographers showed up. Due to access angles were somewhat limited to one side of Blanket Creek. Scouting the lip I knew the opposite side would be a great angle looking down into the abyss. Long story short I borrowed my buddy’s kayak to head across. Not being a kayaker didn’t stop me, though I did come very, very close to flipping in some fairly serious whitewater. Luckily I made it across, scrambled up the cliff and got the shot. After my near miss I was pretty worried about getting back across, but @bennymrr was kind enough to give me a hand.

By: khphotograph When my daughter says I’m old and boring, I’ll just nod and say, “Mmhmmm…”

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