What’s New in Rentals?

  By Liz Graham

The Rental Department at The Camera Store is a great resource for any photographer to take advantage of. Whether you’re borrowing a niche lens for a shoot, or you’re just trying out some equipment before you buy; we’re always trying to make sure we have what you want!

With the ever growing popularity of mirrorless compact cameras, we’ve expanded our selection to offer more Panasonic equipment! If our GH4 goes beyond your needs, try the GX8. The GX8 offers 4K video quality, a tilt-swivel screen, and a mic jack so you can be sure to capture all the purrs and funny antics from the cats you’re obviously recording for your YouTube channel. Of course, if you’re looking for flexibility to choose between video and photo, the GX85 would be worth checking out. Still offering 4K video quality, the GX85 also boasts high quality still images and performs well in low light making it ideal for taking photos of those sweet moments when your cat is asleep and not running rampant. We are also offering a selection of lenses to compliment both the Panasonic GX8 and GX85. From your standard 12-35mm all the way to the impressively compact 100-400mm, we are sure to have a lens that suits your needs. My personal favourite is the Panasonic Leica 42.5mm f/1.2 – this lens is great for portraits. Specifically of cats.

We have also added the coveted Sony FS5 who’s main claim to fame is it’s small size. With 4K video abilities, built in variable ND filter, SLOG 2/3, and slo-mo capabilities this is one impressive video camera. We will be renting this out with a Canon mount Metabones adaptor so you can conveniently use your existing lenses and save your pennies for more cat treats.

If you’re looking for a traditional DSLR, we have also added the highly anticipated Canon 5D Mark IV, and the ever popular Nikon D500.

These are just a few of the new items we have added to our rental department, so be sure to keep checking in store and online for more exciting additions. We can’t wait for you to come try out our new equipment and see what you do with it! Feel free to call our store, or email our rental department to book your gear now!