What’s Happening at the Banff Landscape Summit

  By Evelyn Drake

The ILPA landscape photography summit Jan 13-15 in Banff Alberta is more than just another landscape photography workshop. The Summit is meant to be a haven for creativity. It’s a weekend retreat from the hectic and numerous distractions of everyday life, so that you can turn your complete and undivided attention towards growing as a photographer in the glorious setting of the Canadian Rockies. The ILPA Landscape Photography Summit held, in beautiful Banff National Park again this year, is a photography conference where you can immerse yourself 100% into your photography and learn from leading professionals in the field.

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During the Summit Panasonic and The Camera Store Present: Derek Crowe 

Frozen: One man’s photographic journey through the coldest places on earth

 In the summer of 2009 photographer Derek Crowe joined a three-man team on an expedition to vertically cross the Greenland ice cap by snow-kite.  Only a stroke of luck saved the team from completely running out of food and joining the ranks of failed polar explorers.   

 The expedition was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records:

 Back home in Yukon, Derek began to look for adventure in his own backyard.  The 1000-mile Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race weaves together a network of historic overland, trapping and postal trails from Whitehorse to Fairbanks, Alaska.  Much in the same way the invention of snow kites precipitated his vertical crossing of Greenland, the advent of the modern snow bike allowed Derek to follow in the tracks of Yukon’s first cyclists.  Despite starting in temperatures of -45c, Derek completed the 700 kilometer journey to Dawson, becoming the first Yukoner in over 100 years to travel the entire length of the Dawson Overland Trail in winter by bicycle. 

A chance meeting with Yukon Quest legend and sled dog rights advocate Frank Turner led to Derek’s most recent adventure – a 200 km trip by dog sled from Aklavik, NWT to Herschel Island, Yukon.  The remote Yukon Arctic coast is a living history animated with stories of skeletons and shipwrecks, where the pressures of climate change and resource development starkly expose a changing Arctic, a place few people get to see.

Derek will share how a successful expedition is the result of many hours of research and planning. Equipment is pared to the minimum and selected to be as versatile as possible, including camera gear. He will show how to incorporate your camera with your clothing system, how to keep batteries warm and how to keep taking great pictures regardless of the weather conditions.

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