War Is Not Black & White Gallery Exhibit

  By Evelyn Drake

Photo Exhibit by Andras Schram

Location: Canon Image Square, 545 8th Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Viewing dates: Feb. 1st – 14th, 2014

About the Exhibit:
“Our perception of life, pain & glory is altered by the images from World War I and II because they are Black & White. In modern times we cannot associate ourselves with life 70 years ago as the colourless images create the sensation and denial that “this does not and cannot happen now”.

Blood is red not grey or black! The fact is that it was a normal day, birds were singing, the sun was shining and there was a warm breeze. It was a beautiful spring or summer day yet millions of people were imprisoned and exterminated. The photos reflect on these feelings, they were shot in colour but turned to Black & White and slowly fade back into colour. The images and portraits of the survivors will tell the stories of pain and suffering from this era without a single word.” – Andras Schram 

About Andras Schram:
With a strong European background, Andras is well known to bring a photojournalistic look with beautiful detail to all his and portraits. Andras considers himself more of a documentary photographer than anything else. Sensitive and spontaneous photography is his style with a bit of spiritual approach. Since he was very young Andras had an excellent understanding of human nature and this has helped him during this journey, where his friendly approach is welcomed even at the most private and personal moments. 

View more of Andras’s work at: andrasschram.com




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