Upcoming Event! Saskatchewan Book with George Webber!

  By Ryley Smith


Bright colours, sun-baked facades, and endless horizons. Experience over 30 years of photographic work by George Webber that will transport you across the boundaries of time. On November 3rd, join us in-person at the Calgary Public Library or by live-stream for Saskatchewan Book with George Webber and immerse yourself in the memorable photographs of prairie towns featuring “Saskatchewan Book.”

“Saskatchewan Book” is an evocative collection of contemporary photography that shines a light on the charm and disintegration of small towns in Saskatchewan. It shows us that small prairie towns remain beacons of affection and bastions of memory, all the while succumbing to the enigmatic fate that eventually enfolds all living things.

Saskatchewan Book with George Webber will be available both in-person at the gorgeous Central Library or by live-stream on November 3rd from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. During this presentation, George will be discussing his journey in creating “Saskatchewan Book,” followed by a Q&A hosted by John Veldhoen from The Camera Store.

Come, experience George Webber’s 200 images in this finely wrought exhibition document prairie landscapes and rural structures like no other in recent memory. 

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