Three New XCD Lenses Announced From Hasselblad

  By Kaitlyn Kerr

Hasselblad has announced three new lenses Рan 80mm F1.9, 65mm F2.8, and 135mm F2.8 Р and a new 1.7x teleconverter for their mirrorless medium format X system. Designed for use with the X1D, the new announcement brings the total of available focal lengths to nine.

Perhaps the most interesting lens is the 80mm F1.9, the fastest lens to date from Hasselblad. It is also the heaviest, weighing in at nearly two and a half pounds (1045g). It is equivalent to a 63mm F1.5 in full-frame, has a twin motor drive for fast autofocus, and boasts superior optical quality with smooth bokeh.

Also announced was a 65mm F2.8, roughly equivalent to a standard 50mm and with a close focusing distance of half a meter. This lens will likely be ideal for street and travel photographers. Finally, the telephoto range is expanded with the 135mm F2.8, available alone or bundled with the new 1.7x teleconverter. The lens on its own provides an equivalent 107mm field of view and a close focus distance of one meter, or can be used with the converter for a 230mm (178mm equivalent) lens at F4.8 and a minimum focus of 1.05m. Hasselblad says that the lens and teleconverter have been designed for use together and there should be no loss in optical quality when combined.

All new lenses have an expected leaf shutter, allowing sync speeds up to 1/2000s.


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