ThinkTank Hydrophobia Review from the Wild

  By Jason Bantle

I traveled into one of the wettest/rainiest environments on the planet, the Great Bear Rainforest, stretching along Canada’s British Columbia coast.  I was in search of an incredibly rare species, the Spirit Bear, also known as the Kermode bear. Spirit bears are essentially a black bear but have the rare genetics for fur colour that gives them a beautiful white/cream coloured coat, hence they are a sub-species of black bear.  There are only about 1000 of these bears in the world that exhibit this colour coat and given the rugged environment they reside in finding these bears can almost be compared to finding a needle in a haystack! 

With the help of local First Nations, I was fortunate to sit for days and days in a small salmon river observing, photographing and videoing a lone female Kermode bear fishing for her daily meals.  It rained and rained and rained, oh did I mention a lot!  During one of the hikes in one morning I tore a small hole in my chest waders that protected my body from the rain and cold; for the remainder of the week-long adventure, I got to feel what some of that rain felt like in the bottom of my waders.  

I was soaked at the end of each day. However, my camera gear had a much more pleasant experience, not only capturing amazing moments but I never had to worry about my camera body or long lens as my Thinktank Hydrophobia rain cover kept my camera gear perfectly dry. My hands fit in great, they were dry and allowed me easily to easily snap away. Also, Think Tank’s Hydrophobia rain cover allowed me to view files, fix camera settings and get some amazing images and video even in the wettest of conditions without the worry of dampness on my gear or condensation build up. Awareness about this rare bear will only be heightened through my images, and collectors of my work will only have a deeper appreciation of nature because of my ability to capture great moments with the help of ThinkTank.

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