The Illuminated Portrait Photography Workshop

  By Evelyn Drake

March 29th, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Sponsored by The Camera Store – Workshop participants receive special deals on purchase and rental of a variety of selected products suited for the types of photography to be covered in this event.

Join Greg Gerla and Julya Hajnoczky at Studio 122 and spend a full day in a professional photo studio where you’ll learn how to incorporate continuous artificial lights and speedlights into your portraiture.

Spend a full day learning about a variety of continuous artificial light sources, as well as great techniques to try with speedlights. The morning session features demos and hands-on practice taking you through a variety of simple but effective ways to control and shape artificial light to create professional-looking portraits. Learn how taking control of the lighting in your portraits will allow you to create distinct moods, mix light sources for dramatic effects, and shoot portraits in situations where available light just won’t do. The afternoon session will help you put it all together: you’ll work with a professional model to practice your posing and lighting, while a makeup artist will demonstrate how creative styling can add to your portraits.

The workshop wraps up with a critique session where you’ll get feedback on your shots from the day. You’ll go home with the skills and confidence you need to take creative control of light, and take your portrait photography to the next level.

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Evelyn Drake has been in the camera business since 2004. She has been involved in every aspect of The Camera Store's operations with a focus on marketing and event-based initiatives. She also hosts our YouTube channel The Camera Store TV.