The Canon Road Trip is Coming to Calgary!

  By Ryley Smith


The Canon Creator Lab is going mobile and coming to Calgary! The Canon Road Trip is a one of a kind experience that will give you the chance to take the new EOS R5 or R6 out for a spin! With Canon specialists, TCS staff and different shooting environments to choose from, it’s a fun way to test out Canon’s newest cameras!

The Canon Road Trip will be at Dean House, The Camera Store, ContainR Art Park (twice!) and the Fairmont Banff Springs starting Monday, September 28th. All you have to do it secure your spot at your chosen location, then you’ll get a half-hour to test out Canon’s EOS R System! With different shooting environments, models, backgrounds and help from the Canon Specialists and our TCS staff, you can get an in-depth look at how the R5 and R6 work! Don’t forget your memory card so you can save all your amazing photos!


Here are the Alberta locations and dates:

Calgary | Deane House | Monday, September, 28

Calgary | The Camera Store | Tuesday, September, 29

Calgary | ContainR Art Park | Thursday, October, 1

Calgary | ContainR Art Park | Friday, October, 2

Banff | Fairmont Banff Springs | Saturday, October, 3


There are limited spots and they are filling up fast! To secure your spot, click here! 

Click here for more information on the Canon Road Trip, as well as Canon’s COVID protocols!


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