The Banff Landscape Photography Summit

  By Brian Merry

Jan. 8th-10th, 2016 at the Banff Park Lodge Featuring:
Robert Berdan, Ethan Meleg, Roy Ramsay, Kevin Gedling, Lori Homstol and Brian Merry

The Banff Photography Summit is more than just another landscape photography workshop.  It’s meant to be a haven for creativity.  It’s a weekend retreat from the hectic and numerous distractions of everyday life, so that you can turn your complete and undivided attention towards growing as a photographer in the glorious setting of the Canadian Rockies.  The Banff Landscape Photography Summit is a photography workshop where you can immerse yourself 100% into your photography and learn from leading professionals in the field.

The Vision:
Our goal is to help you perceive the world with wider eyes and to guide you on your own path towards your own honest and personal photographic experience.  My goal is to create a learning environment conducive to help you see more, feel more, and communicate more through your art, through your photography.  We all want you to become better photographers so we can all continue to create works of art that we can be proud of.  And this summit is designed to help you do exactly that.

Registration Fees
Summit Full Registration for Presentations – Tour Not Included (save 10%) $150*
Summit Full Registration with Tours $275* (Sold Out)
Friday night only Keynote speech and welcome presentation $35*
Saturday night presentation $35*
All day Sunday summit presentations $95*
(*Plus applicable fees and taxes)

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Some of the topics that will be covered during The Banff Landscape Photography Summit

  • Present the creative photographic process
  • Review basic editing workflow for individual images
  • How to achieve personal comfort in the field so you can relax and focus on feeling the landscape and being creative
  • the editing workflow including pre-capture, capture, software workflow and bombproof  storage back-up for life
  • downloading and storage/backup systems
  • Special in camera considerations before tripping the shutter
  • Pre-visualization
  • Composition
  • Compositional special challenges/opportunities
  • We’ll explain what emotional communication is and what it can do for you once you embrace the process…
  • A panel discussion on nature photography ethics.  “How far would you go to ‘get the shot’ – How far is too far?”
  • Introduce advanced capture/editing techniques including:
    Motion Blur
    B&W photography
    Editing the RGB image to simulate a traditional Infrared photography
    Night photography techniques presentation and practical field session.

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