The Art of Nude Photography

  By tcs_admin

The study of the nude human figure has been a subject in art around the globe throughout much of human history. Ancient cultures often sculpted the nude form as fertility symbols. It was a central theme for the Greeks, who studied and admired the nude form in art and athletics. Again during the Renaissance nude figure work became one of the primary mediums for art students, and a predominant subject for the masters.

Nude figure work has also been a primary theme in photography since its inception. Many photographers choose to attempt to reflect the works of famous and classic nude artists, however finding your ‘voice’ in your art, and showing your audience ‘how you see’ is a life long journey for all artists.
Photographing and studying the figure has a variety of important benefits. In the studio, you can work through thousands of landscape perspectives with hundreds of light positions in one session. A process that would take years for a landscape photographer to experience.

The learning curve for practicing proper exposure and unique composition and perspective is simply unmatched. The photographer can practice extensive portrait work and landscape work in one sitting, and apply that knowledge to every form of photographic expression imaginable; from weddings, to family portraits, real estate photography, to landscape and travel photography.

Successful figure / art-nude photography is a layered experience. You not only need to strive to become an expert of your photographic equipment, you also need to become an expert in your human interactions. Being aware that you are working with a person in a vulnerable state, where they are placing a great deal of trust in you is essential.

This human element can also be applied to working with other clients who are putting a great deal trust in you; ie a bride or groom, new parent, or soon to become parent, a real estate agent, or corporation that is hiring you to cover their special event. All of these people expect you to know how to get the shot from a technical perspective, but they also expect you know how to interact, and be respectful of the people around you. If there is one course that can dramatically improve your photographic technique, artistic expression, and interaction with the human element, this is the one.

As a photographer, I have always been captivated by lines, and how they command the awareness of the viewer. Good lines demand your attention, and drive it across the image.

Personally, I have yet to find more captivating lines than those on a pregnant human figure. I believe we are emotionally connected to the nude for one simple reason. Because it is us. Of all aesthetic studies, the human body is the most intimate.

Fine-art nude seeks not to objectify, but to witness something important and central that is profoundly concealed on a day-to-day basis. We look to understand, appreciate and celebrate the one thing in the world that is unmistakably us. It is an attempt to bring the self-conscious into the conscious.

Studio – Nude Figure Study Workshop 
We are very pleased to offer you a high quality intensive workshop in collaboration with Lens Cap Images & The Camera Store. Class sizes will be capped at a very small number, and we will have several models to work with at a variety of lighting workstations.  The workshop is broken into 3 parts; 1 day meet and greet & theory / overview, 1 full day shooting in studio, and 1 day critique. Rob will be available constantly throughout the shoot day for a ton of one-on-one assistance.

Please join us. Seating is very limited.