TCSTV’s Favourite Videos

  By Jordan Drake

With well over 100 videos on our YouTube channel, Chris and I often feel like some of our better work can go unseen, so for this blog post, Chris and I revisit our favourite episodes of The Camera Store TV!

Best Picks By Jordan:

#5: Fuji X-E2 Hands-On Field Test
This is pretty much exactly what I strive for in an episode.  It has some very funny moments, we get plenty of information out, and there’s some great photography. Also, I got to sit in a hot tub. 

#4 Olympus: The Reunion

I can summarize why I love this video in four short words: Chris tries to act.

#3 Leica Monochrom Hands-On Field Test

I love black and white cinematography, but I never had an opportunity to do one for TCSTV.  The Monochrom finally gave me an excuse.  I loved the idea of documenting street shooting at night, and the scene where Stefan gets a phone number after shooting a portrait still delights me.

#2 World Photo Games

This was the most fun I’ve had shooting a TCSTV episode.  Larry doing a floor routine with film and Chris Tait chugging a bottle of developer are some of my favourite shots ever.

#1 Brutal SD Card Test

Right after Battle at F-Stop Ridge gave us a good amount of freedom to shoot whatever we wanted, Chris and I shot my favourite episode.  It has everything I want in an episode; some healthy antagonism, gear destruction and a bathtub scene that makes  insecure men feel squeebly.

Best Picks By Chris:

#5: Sigma DP1 & 2 Field Test With Nick Devlin

For me the most enjoyable videos will be the ones that took me to different locations. Shooting at the Mount Kidd reflecting pools gave me some of my favorite landscape shots, and made me change my mind full circle on Sigma as a brand. Their DP Merrill cameras changed my opinion of the DPs from absolute pieces of S$%T to absolute pieces of S$%T that produce beautiful images.

#4: Nikon AW100 Field Test

I love fly fishing! If you’ve watched my videos you will know this to be true. I also enjoyed using a camera which became the best selling underwater camera in our store by far, and for good reason. But most importantly did you see that brown trout I caught! No more needs to be said…

#3: Sony A99 Hands-On Field Test

Great location! Lots of excitement! And a visually appealing video as well! The dirt bike track gave us plenty of subject material to shoot action, slow mo, video, autofocus tests, and more. Everything we look for in a location to really showcase new gear. Its easy to look like you know what you’re talking about when the locations works so well.

#2: Pentax K30 Hands On Field Test

The Pentax K30 video was an adventure. While rafting down the river intertwined with Jordan our very small boat began to leak air and make strange boiling water noises. We had a watergun fight and dunked the K30 in water more than we should have. I had the fishing rod with me which is always good, and Jordan’s disapproving looks the whole time which is always bad. And my all time favorite… Jordan attacked by mosquitos in some very private places. There’s a reason you’re not supposed to pee in the trees.

#1: Nikon D3300 Hands-On Field Test

I actually really enjoyed using the D3300 in this Chinese New Year inspired video. It was simple, fast, and took amazing photos. On top of using a great product we had a wonderful location full of colour, people, and exciting events which makes our videos a joy to shoot. We had press passes which makes us feel super important too, and front row seats to shoot the dragon dances. Also… the fun bun tree… Of course because Jordan and I loved this video that means nobody watched it. Still super fun to shoot.

Viewer’s Choices:

5D MK III Vs. D800 Series 

We asked some of our Facebook fans what their favourite episode was. This 3 parter won, being by far our longest project (nearly an hour in total!) and every episode had a great guest host.  Check it out if you haven’t already!

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