TCSTV’s Best and Worst Camera Gear of 2016

  By Chris Niccolls

It’s that time of year again! TCSTVs best and worst camera gear list has cemented itself as an infamous Christmas tradition, as Jordan Drake and I battle it out on Youtube. Part retrospective on the best and worst camera gear of the year, part drinking game competition between the hosts, and all irreverent humorous entertainment. The best and worst of 2016 episode was no exception.

As you watch this year’s episode, please keep one thing in mind. Normally Jordan and I are very hard on gear which fails to pass the test, the Canon XC-10 comes to mind. 2016 was very different and in a very good way. Nobody really made a terrible camera or lens this year. Many camera companies who’s camera lines may have been stagnant, freshened their lines and revamped their models. Pentax broke into the full-frame field for the first time. Canon ended years of uninspired updates with the 5Dmk4, and EOS 80D. Sony and Fuji, entered the A6500 and XT2, proving that mirrorless cameras can compete in sports and wildlife photography. Wonderful news for the industry and camera reviewers like ourselves. Terrible when trying to come up with a best and worst list. 

We did manage to decide on which gear came out on top. However, it was more a decision based on who had the biggest evolutions, rather than revolutions. One thing did stay EXACTLY the same as in previous years, though… Jordan and I played out our traditional drinking game, and one of us won soundly… again. I won’t spoil it for you in case this is your first foray into the best and worst of episodes, but I think you’ll enjoy it. Whatever your view on alcoholic beverages may be, it has become a family Christmas tradition for TCSTV. Like all Christmas traditions some family members may become belligerent, disagreements may arise, and someone’s gonna cry at some point. However, these same celebrations also bring our TCSTV family closer together, let us share the joy and happiness of another year over, and allow us to reminisce about all the good times making our show in 2016. 

From all of us at The Camera Store and TCSTV we hope you have your own very merry best and worst of 2016 celebration with your family. We would also like to thank all of you who watch our channel with loyalty. We are excited for what the new year holds and look forward to another amazing year as our industry evolves. In closing also remember that 2017 is Nikon’s centennial celebration, so lets all expect big things from them this year.