The Print. When a Picture Becomes a Photograph

 By Ryley Smith


Printing at home may seem like a big project, but it’s actually quite easy. All you need is a printer plugged into a computer, some paper, and the excitement to print! The Camera Store’s, Julian Ferreira, has printed thousands of photos at home, and he has some inspirational tips to get you excited to print, plus we have a 1-Week Canon Printer Sale from June 19-26! Learn how Julian takes a picture and turns it into a photograph!

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Tips For Safely Photographing Abandoned Houses

 By Robert Scott


Have you ever wanted to take pictures of an abandoned house? Or, stick around until the sun sets to capture the twirling stars around its peak while listening to distant coyotes? How about walking the dark hallways alone during the witching hour while breathing life back into its dark corridors with a flashlight? As unnerving as it sounds, the experience is invigorating. 

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5 Fun Elements To Incorporate Into Your Child Photos This Summer

 By Gina Yeo


Summertime fun is about to begin! I’m incredibly excited about that. Those blustering cold winds and heavy snowfall warnings accompanied by frigid temperatures are becoming a distant memory of our winter’s past. I know I’m ready for days filled with warm sunshine, comfortable temperatures and the joyous feeling that always fills the air throughout the summer months. As a mother and photographer, preserving the summer memories of my children with my camera is more than a passion, it’s an absolute must!

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