The Great Aurora Chase: A Local’s Guide to Capturing the Northern Lights

 By Rachel Ross


Aurora Alert! With solar activity increasing as the winter approaches, so does the potential to produce northern lights. The aurora is one of the most enchanting natural phenomena on our big blue planet, not to mention a bucket list shot for many photographers. Here are my top tips for creating drool-worthy aurora images.

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Capture The Stars With The New Canon EOS Ra

 By Ryley Smith


Theodore Roosevelt said, “Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.Well, now you can do exactly that! Canon announced their first full-frame mirrorless camera for astrophotography, the new, Canon EOS Ra. Stemming off the EOS R system, with innovative features, this new camera has been perfectly designed for hobbyists and professionals alike to make the most of their astrophotographic dreams. Talk about reaching for the stars! 

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