Black Friday Surprise!

 By Ryley Smith


Black Friday is one of the most exciting shopping days! This year you can do all your Black Friday shopping from the comfort of your couch. Not only will you get great deals on cameras, lenses, accessories and more from The Camera Store. We are offering FREE shipping on EVERYTHING* on our website that can fit in a normal-sized box. 

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Sigma E-Mount Lens Review

 By Evelyn Drake

Sigma has been on a roll producing high-quality lenses in a variety of mounts including Canon, Nikon, Sony and the new L-Mount alliance with Panasonic and Leica. They have changed the perception of third party lenses from purely being a value brand to a premium alternative by creating glass that is precise, sharp, well-built and backed by a 7-year Canadian warranty. On the other hand, they are sometimes criticized for being larger and bulkier than native mirrorless lenses. For example, Sony is also creating incredible glass that is not only praised for sharpness, durability, and compactness but also autofocus performance. A critical factor for Sony in particular since they have developed a high-tech Real-Time Tracking Autofocus system that requires lenses that can keep up. 

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