Upcoming Event! Saskatchewan Book with George Webber!

 By Ryley Smith


Bright colours, sun-baked facades, and endless horizons. Experience over 30 years of photographic work by George Webber that will transport you across the boundaries of time. On November 3rd, join us in-person at the Calgary Public Library or by live-stream for Saskatchewan Book with George Webber and immerse yourself in the memorable photographs of prairie towns featuring “Saskatchewan Book.”

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Sledding, All Dressed Up, and Behind the Mask

 By J. Ashley Nixon


Like many photographers, I’ve found that the COVID pandemic has been putting up barriers to creating new work. My portrait sessions were cancelled, music gigs and other events were abandoned, and travel with the camera all but dried up. I managed some local expeditions on foot or on my bicycle to photograph ospreys along the Elbow River. I also explored the landscapes of Kananaskis Country and the Badlands. Still, there were no big adventures back to Peru where I have been filming and photographing sustainability, culture and development themes for many years.

So, I decided to put my energy into writing up stories, selecting and sequencing images from some of my recent projects. The result is three books published over three months in 2020, all of which are available at The Camera Store in Calgary.

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Aby Warburg’s Lost Atlas of Memory

 By John Veldhoen


Let me tell you a story: In 1910 there was a historian named Aby Warburg. He described himself as a “Hamburger at heart, Jew by blood, Florentine in spirit”; He collected an art legacy, assembling thousands of years of human history in photographs, and on postcards produced from throughout Europe. He combined these images on panel boards, looking to devise a way to see how images bleed past eras, and into each other as works of creation. 

He worked to shape a system to observe the themes in art, and how they function psychologically. In essence, an object lives on in culture, it seems to have an afterlife. It continues to speak well after it has disappeared from immediate view. 

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