November Thinktank Bag Promo!

 By Ryley Smith

You love your camera bag. Who doesn’t? It goes everywhere with you, provides you with peace of mind, lets you keep your hands free so you can do what you love, shoot! But sometimes, that bag becomes a little too loved. Zippers don’t zip, seams come loose, your bag looks more like a hot mess than a hot commodity.
Then there’s size, and when it comes to camera bags, size does matter. Nothing is more heartbreaking than packing your camera bag and realizing you have to choose between your two favourite lenses. Why live in a world where you have to choose! Well let me tell you, you don’t have to because it is Thinktank promo time! From November 1st to 30th, bring in any old camera bag and get up to $30 towards a new Thinktank Bag. Keep reading for the promo details!

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