Special Panasonic Bonuses For Our Virtual KEH Event!

  By Ryley Smith


KEH is here, which means it’s time to sell your gear! It also means there are some special bonuses if you upgrade to a new system! If you’re looking for some new Panasonic gear, then you’re in luck! Panasonic has some amazing trade-in bonuses you have to take advantage of during our Virtual KEH Gear Buying Event

During this Virtual KEH Event, when you sell your old gear, Panasonic will give you bonuses towards your new Panasonic products if you opt to upgrade! Now, you must be getting curious about what are these Panasonic bonuses??

Panasonic will be giving a 10% bonus on their entire lens collection plus their G Series and their S Series! That means you can get a 10% bonus on the brand new Lumix S5! It’s the perfect opportunity for you to upgrade to the Lumix S5!

Then, for those who are looking for something a little simpler, Panasonic will also have a 5% bonus on point and shoot cameras

We know those are a lot of amazing Panasonic bonuses, but they are only available during our Virtual KEH event! If you haven’t yet, sign up to sell your camera gear to KEH, so you can take advantage of these epic bonuses! 


Click here for more information on our Virtual KEH Gear Buying Event and to book with a KEH Buyer!


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