Sony RX10 Hands-On Field Test

  By Jordan Drake

In another one of many drab, grayish/brown overcast days in Calgary, we set out to review the latest Sony camera.  Fortunately, it was a camera I was really excited to test, the new Sony RX10.  Lately it seems like most camera makers are just making incremental improvements to their existing lines, but it seems like every month Sony is coming up with a totally new concept.  These aren’t always successes, but they’re always interesting.


I’ve been trying to film more of our videos with the camera we’re looking at, and fortunately we received a couple units to test, so I could film the entire video with the RX10.  I had been interested in it as a video camera from the moment it was announced, so I was already pretty familiar with its feature set.  Due to the amazing built in lens and ND filter, all I needed was a wireless mic system and my trusty video monopod.  


The shoot went seamlessly, bearing in mind what I learned from our A7 video, not to shoot a flat profile with these new Sony cameras.  I was never able to get the images where I wanted them when shooting totally flat on the A7, so with the RX10 I used the standard profile, with the sharpness reduced.  I’m really happy with the look this achieved.  The RX10’s preamps worked great with my Sony UWP-130 wireless kit, and as I’ve said several times, the new Sony interface is brilliant for videographers.  Having zebra, audio levels, peaking and a histogram made me feel right at home.


Chris seemed enjoy using the camera, as his constant use of the word ‘luxury’ in the video confirms.  Unfortunately, everything was pretty dull looking when we went out, but I think Chris was still able to find some interesting compositions.  He did seem frustrated occasionally by the relatively short zoom, which I found amusing since Chris almost never carries long lenses.

At the end of the day, the price point makes the RX10 a bit of a niche product, but if you want a camera packed with pretty much every feature in existence, in a small package, this is about the best thing out there.  I was a bit skeptical of the value until I used one myself, now I may have a new favourite compact camcorder…


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