Sony Announces New High-Resolution a7R IV with 60.1 Megapixel Sensor

  By Kaitlyn Kerr

Sony has announced the a7R IV, a brand new full-frame camera with an impressive 60.1 megapixel sensor, as well as an updated body design, 5.76 million dot EVF, and updated autofocus for video.

The camera features a 61.0 megapixel backside-illuminated full-frame CMOS sensor, with built-in stabilization rated up to 5.5 stops. Sony is also claiming that the sensor can capture up 15 stops of dynamic range. A dedicated crop mode is available, which produces 26.2 megapixel images. A pixel-shift mode is also included, which composites 16 different images into one astounding 240 megapixel image using Sony’s Imaging Edge desktop application. 

The a7R IV can also record 4K video in Super-35 mode, with full pixel readout and no pixel binning. For the first time, Sony has also introduced Real-time Eye AF and Real-time AF tracking in video mode for smooth and accurate autofocus tracking. Touch-tracking functionality can be used with this; for example, Eye-AF is automatically initiated when a human subject is selected by tapping on the rear LCD. Sony has also included S-log2 and S-log3 log profiles, the latter of which allows for a dynamic range of up to 14 stops. Hybrid-log Gamma (HLG) is also available for HDR work. 

Also announced were two audio accessories, designed to work with the a7R IV through a new audio interface support in the multi-interface hot shoe. The ECM-B1M Shotgun microphone is a compact (approximately 10cm) directional microphone option designed with eight high-performance microphone capsules, and the XLR-K3M XLR adaptor kit allows for input through two XLR/TRS combination connectors and one 3.5mm mic jack.

Other updates in the a7R IV include dual UHS-II compatible memory card slots, upgraded dust and moisture sealing, and improved wireless connectivity, including a LAN connection on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for faster and more stable data transfer and wireless tethering capability. Physically, it has also been redesigned with a deeper grip, a more prominent AF-on button, and a relocated back wheel. It can also capture images at up to 10 frames per second with continuous autofocus tracking.

The a7R IV is available for preorder beginning July 18th for $4500 and is expected to begin shipping in September. A vertical battery grip, the VG-C4EM, for the camera was also announced. 

Dave and Brendan went to the launch event in New York. Check out their hands-on first impressions with the camera here:

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Sony a7R IV Body

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