Sony Announces Alpha Female Creators in Residence

  By Kaitlyn Kerr


Sony has announced the winners of their Alpha Female Creators in Residence grant program. Over 6000 women applied for the program, which is designed to promote diversity and provide opportunities for female creators to advance their careers. Five women have each been awarded a six-month $25,000 grant, a $5000 Sony imaging product allowance, and the opportunity to work with an Alpha Collective photographer as their mentor.

Congratulations to Megan Allen, Danielle Da Silva, Erin Hogue, Nitashia Johnson, and Colette Robinson.

Megan Allen is an Ohio-based wedding and destination-wedding photographer keen on capturing bold and fun images of the moments that make a wedding day so special and memorable. Her focus is on fun and authentic photos for her clients that will tell their story.

Danielle Da Silva is based in Toronto and is a scholar, storyteller, conservationist, and founder of Photographers Without Borders. She is a critically acclaimed photographer and director, with images published by National Geographic, The Economist, and more, and has created several documentaries including a short for the Whitley awards.

Erin Hogue is a Vancouver-based adventure and extreme sports photographer, comfortable in the world of cold weather and inspired by challenge and adventure. As a female photographer in the predominantly male industry of extreme sports photography, her unique perspective creates captivating photos.

Nitashia Johnson is a Texas based photographer, designer, and educator, with her current passion focused on developing community-based media arts programs for teens in high school. She believes in success through good design and communication, and empowering people through visual art.

Colette Robinson is a photographer and stop-motion artist based in Northern California, and is passionate about connecting with other creatives and building community. Her work with brands and travel destinations includes cinemagraphs and videos and is bright and fun.

Watch the Era of Alpha Female video, and follow along with these five creators as they embrace this unique opportunity to grow their vision.



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