Sony Alpha 9 II – Made for the Pros

  By Ryley Smith


The a9 just got a little sibling, but there is nothing small, slow or weak about this dude. New to the Sony family is the new and improved Alpha 9 II. In a nutshell, the a9 II is made for professional photographers, specifically catering to those in sports photography and photojournalism. With many similarities to it’s elders, the a9 and a7R IV, while also having many upgraded features both inside and out, the Alpha 9 II is definitely worth taking a closer look at. 

To break down the major differences that make this a9 II different from similar Sony cameras, let’s start with the overall look. With durability and usability as a top priority, Sony increased the size of the grip, for better hold and overall comfort. They also upgraded the weather-sealing around all seams, slots and battery door to make it more dust and moisture resistant for more challenging environments. Other noticeable changes on the a9 II is the improvements of button design and feel, increased diameter and feedback of the ‘AF-ON’ button, a refined multi-selector joystick, an exposure compensation dial lock button and a redesigned shape and position for the rear dial.

Now, for the more exciting features. For this camera, Sony really worked on enhancing the Built-in Connectivity and file delivery. With a built-in Gigabit Ethernet cable that allows high-speed, stable data transfer and a stable and fast 5 GHz Wifi band, this camera is designed to do a lot, at a fast pace, overall improving workflow. Another helpful change is the addition of a Voice Memo function, which will allow photographers to attach verbal information to images of their choice and can be played when the image is reviewed. These memos can be transferred when the image is sent, allowing for direction and important information to be attached when passed along to editors or other viewers throughout the process.

The Alpha 9 II shares the same acclaimed 35mm full-frame 24.2 MP sensor as the a9 and can shoot continuously at 20 fps with no viewfinder blackout, however the mechanical shutter has been improved to shoot at up to 10 fps. With an upgraded BIONZ X processor, the speed, clarity and accuracy are enhanced in both AF/AE detection. Sony also redesigned the shutter mechanism to suppress even the slightest movement that can cause image blur, perfect for fast-paced photography and the instability of tougher environments.

The Sony Alpha 9 II will be available in November, 2019, so get ready!

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