Sony A9 6.0 firmware update is here!

  By Ryley Smith


The wait has ended for all Sony a9 users, the 6.0 firmware update is here! With anticipation building since January, and hopes that this update will keep the a9 as up-to-date as other Sony models, this is definitely a significant update. The 6.0 firmware comes with two important upgrades: Animal Eye AF, and the addition of an in-camera interval timer. 

To further breakdown these features, let’s start with the Animal Eye Tracking which is an addition to its AI-powered tracking autofocus. This allows for real-time Eye AF which can be used simultaneously with tracking. However, users must remember that this function is not always possible depending on the animal, the surrounding and movements of the animal; and, it is not possible to detect both human and animal eyes at the same time. 

The other major feature is the addition of an in-camera interval timer for time-lapse, another awesome upgrade that is keeping the a9 rolling with the other guys. This also allows the use of the wireless remote commander RMT-P1BT (sold separately). 

In addition, small updates include: [Focus Frame Color] can be selected, “My Menu” can be assigned to appear first when you press the MENU button, improvements on the overall stability of the camera. 

Click the link to download the 6.0 firmware update


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