Sometimes, you just need to enjoy the moment…

  By Kieren Britton

Have you ever travelled somewhere so enchanting that you completely forgot to take photos? You’re so lost in the moment that your mind is just in awe with the right now?

That’s how my recent trip to Bali felt. I felt like I was completely immersed in every moment. Yet, I still came home with so many captured memories.

The Lady Alliance hosted our first international yoga retreat in October 2018. This yoga retreat was in absolute paradise. Bali is an island of natural, cultural, and spiritual wonders. There was no better way to experience it’s magic than on an unforgettable Bali Yoga Retreat with The Lady Alliance.

As much as I LOVE The Lady Alliance events, it is still my job. I put my heart and soul into each event, in hopes that each lady leaves feeling confident, loved and inspired. And though I’m enjoying my time adventuring, it is still work. A lot of work. Something I would never complain about. I absolutely love every moment of it, and am eternally grateful for everything. But the amount of work prior to the retreat, and while on the retreat was immense. Even more so than other trips, as it was our first international trip, and our first group excursion to Bali.

Our Bali Yoga Retreat ended up being a blur of bliss. Our yoga instructor Krista Birch from Glow Yoga and the team at The Lady Alliance chose to make the itinerary a guide, rather than an obligation. When women support your dreams and travel across the world to come on a retreat, you do everything in your power to make sure their trip is fulfilling for them. I didn’t want to stand in their way if they wanted to release sea turtles, sit on the beach, or eat out for dinner. 

I had anticipated bonds to be made, and a few ladies straying from the itinerary. But I did not anticipate the planned retreat to turn into a relaxed zen/adventure trip between newly discovered best friends. 

And I did not anticipate the retreat becoming less work and more adventure for me, either. 

Itinerary thrown a bit to the wind, we went out and experienced the town, met incredible people, and created our own life changing adventures together.

We yoga’d, ate incredible meals, saw jaw-dropping sights, we even spied on each other’s dates… We laughed together, cried together, and built a bond stronger than I could have ever anticipated. 

I was so immersed in the bonding of the trip that I felt as though it wasn’t work at all! If it wasn’t for the ease of use with the Kaiser Baas X400 Action Camera, I would have come home without any content at all.

The Kaiser Baas made capturing life, without taking away from the moment, so easy.

I could hand the camera to anyone, and they would be able to use it like a professional, capturing video and photos for me as we went.

We were able to bring the camera surfing, set it off to the side so it wouldn’t interrupt yoga, and capture epic dance offs with ease.

And the best part? The quality of the videos we captured made it easy to grab screenshot after screenshot, adding even more content to our memories.

I have personally owned and used many action cameras. From snowmobiling to snowboarding, rock climbing to hiking, and everything in between, I put these cameras to the test. I look for one that is reliable, tough, easy to use when you are in a rush, and produces good quality footage. I also love the ease of use. The Kaiser Baas allows me to easy scroll through already captured content so that I can ensure between my Kaiser Baas and my SLR I have captured all I need, without second guessing if I have missed anything along the way.

I had absolute confidence when using my Kaiser Baas X400.

The retreat flourished because each lady felt as though they were in the moment. They weren’t posing for photos. They weren’t redoing any yoga poses for the camera. They were able to be natural. To enjoy the moment together. And the most beautiful thing about this retreat was the community built in the process. Some ladies came knowing each other, some knowing of each other, and some came as complete strangers. 

Each of us left as family. 

I have two goals with The Lady Alliance. My one goal is to eliminate any lingering doubts, and show every lady how unbelievably capable they are. My second goal is to introduce ladies to like-minded adventurers to help them grow their community of outdoor women. It feels damn good to end our 2018 with a trip like our Bali Yoga Retreat. I think we hit the nail on the head. 

Thank you Kaiser Baas and The Camera Store for helping us capture our last event of the year with absolute ease.

Lady Alliance rating of the Kaiser Baas for our Bali Yoga Retreat: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️