Sigma Announces Development of Three New Cinema Primes

  By Kaitlyn Kerr

Sigma has announced that they are developing three new lenses in their Sigma Cine full frame lineup. The three new lenses, a 28mm T1.5, a 40mm T1.5 and a 105mm T1.5, will be available in EF, E, and PL mounts, and are slated for release starting with the 105mm in November 2018.

The new lenses will help round out the Cine Full Frame lineup, which now consists of ten lenses ranging from 14mm to 135mm with t-stops from T1.5 to T2. Each lens has nine rounded diaphragm aperture blades and a 95mm front diameter. The lenses are designed to cover a full frame sensor and are optimized for ultra-high resolution 6K-8K shooting, exceeding even high-end prime sets. Pricing has yet to be announced. The 105mm is expected to be released November 2018, with the 40mm following later in the year and the 28mm in early 2019.

Sigma has also announced they are currently developing an LPL mount for their lenses, designed to work with the new large format sensor released by ARRI in 2018. This new mount can be expected in 2019 or later.

See the full press release here.


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