Shimoda: Designed and Tested for Adventure

  By Kaitlyn Kerr


Shimoda bags are a great line designed and tested for those who seek adventure, and want to carry their camera gear to capture it. Founded by snowboarder and explorer Ian Millar, these bags have been designed and tested by photographers and videographers who live for adventure around the world. People like Levi Allen, an adventure film director; Colin Adair, an outdoor and lifestyle photographer; and Paris Gore, a photographer and mountain biker. Built and supported by their community, Shimoda launched on Kickstarter and was completely funded in just over 30 hours. By the end of their campaign, they had exceeded their goal by 600%.

What does this mean? Well, Shimoda bags feature exactly what you would expect in a bag built by adventurers. The backpacks have a height-adjustable harness to make it as comfortable as possible for trekking. They’re built with a weather resistant nylon shell with a resin coated treatment and waterproof splashguard YKK zippers to stand up to the elements wherever you are. Each piece of the system is designed so that space isn’t wasted, and your gear remains accessible. Each bag, core unit, and accessory are also backed by a 5-year warranty. 


How it works: 

1. Choose your bag. 

Backpack or roller? Minimal gear or the whole kit and caboodle? Choose from the Explore 30, 40, 60, or Carry-on Roller for your bag.

2. Choose your Core Unit. 

Choose from small, medium, or large inserts, each with EVA foam walls and dividers to protect your equipment. Whether you want strictly rear access or the ability to get at your gear from the top and sides as well, choosing the right core units gives you the versatility to make your gear accessible, as well as a modular system that means you never have to carry more gear than you need. Each Core Unit comes with a standard removable skin, which keeps the unit dust free when not in use, and can double as a packing cell for clothes or other necessities on your adventure.

3. Add accessory cases. 

Keep everything organized with small, medium, and large accessory cases, designed to help you keep track of cables, batteries, filters, and anything else that might prove useful. Keep memory cards safe with a dedicated card wallet. Plus, each accessory case has a clear window so you know exactly what is where. 

Shimoda is now available at The Camera Store. Shop the range below or click here to see everything

(Photos by Danny Luong)

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