Richard Bernardin

Model: @marlijnhoek

“As a fashion photographer, I’ve always been passionate about film and photography and one of the aspects that I love the most is the concept of creating a narrative—telling a story through images. When I started out, I was doing a lot of experimental photography and as I progressed through the years, I realized that I could use this visual signature, that I’ve developed over the years, to create and drive a narrative through my photography. Essentially, I was shooting really short 1-frame films, using a singular cinematic style, with my still camera. And the great thing about fashion photography is that as much as it can be informational and documentarian, it could also be very much like great cinema; showing a high level of artistry, visually dramatic and emotionally compelling.” – Richard Bernardin

About Richard Bernardin:

Richard Bernardin is a fashion and portrait photographer of Haitian descent working internationally and based in between Montreal and New York. He became mildly interested in photography in high school taking pictures for the yearbook but only seriously came back to it upon his return from his service in the United States Marine Corps. He then spent some time apprenticing in New York before branching out on his own. Since then, Richard has developed a unique style of photography influenced by his love of Modernist architecture, cinematic narrative, photographic giants, such as Newton and Avedon and the exaltation of the elegant and empowered female archetype, which have made his images highly recognizable and sought after. Richard has photographed many high-profile celebrities and artists and has been commissioned to shoot countless prestigious magazines and advertising campaigns in Canada and around the world. His work has been exhibited globally in museums and galleries and he is currently at work on his first short film as well as two upcoming book projects. Most recently, Richard had the distinct honour to be invited into the Canon family as an official Brand Ambassador for @CanonCanada.

Instagram: @richardbernardinphoto