Real-Time Eye AF Firmware Update for Sony RX 10 IV!

  By Ryley Smith


Sony RX 10 IV camera users! If you haven’t heard yet, Sony released Firmware Update 2.00, letting you finally use advanced real-time Eye AF for Animals on your camera! This new machine-learning-driven focusing system, and enables Eye-Af activation though a half-press of the shutter, giving you, even more, shooting opportunities!

Here is a quick video on real-time Animal Eye AF and Tracking by Sony with the adorable Loki, the wolfdog.

Click here to download the Sony RX 10 IV Firmware Update 2.00.

Don’t have an RX 10 IV? Or need a little help figuring out this new update? Well, come on down to The Camera Store! We have Two Sony Demo Days coming up where you can ask our reps all your questions about Sony, the firmware update, and get your hands on Sony cameras and lenses, just in time for the holidays!


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