Portraiture & Body Language Workshop

  By Evelyn Drake

Vancouver based photographer Katie Huisman is hosting a Portraiture & Body Language Workshop May 9th-11th, 2014.

Body language is a fascinating subject to study as it is a universal form of non-verbal communication. Current trends in lifestyle and editorial photography depict clear emotions that are genuine, simple and contemporary. Contrived or traditionally posed images are not what most clients are looking for in today’s fast paced society. Katie explores body language in relation to photographing people and how to direct the subject into candid emotive expressions and poses.

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About Katie Huisman
My background in photography began at ACAD more than 10 years ago. Currently I am a freelance photographer based in Vancouver shooting. Lifestyle Advertising and Editorial work for Canadian and International Clients. In the past several years I have also created and developed a series of courses, lectures and workshops on Photography that I offer through various public and private institutions in the lower mainland. Educating in photography is something that I have become very passionate about especially as photography has become a universal tool for visual communication in the 21st century. Connecting with inspired students, facilitating with their creative and technical expansion is genuinely rewarding for me.

Katie currently has a Solo Exhibition at Initial Gallery Vancouver called ‘Physical Attraction’


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