Portraits of South Sudan Pt. 3 The Children

  By Evelyn Drake

Calgary based photographer Robert Scott shares portraits from South Sudan that he shot to help raise awareness on the need for water in this developing area.

“Our first priority is to dig a well for the village or Mackuakot (Mack-Watch). Why? Access to clean water is kilometres away and the young children are the ones who travel to retrieve it. Children should be receiving an education rather than walking the whole day for water. Upon completion of the well, the second leg of the project will see a school built beside the well. An education will be a strong foundation for young minds who will shape the future of their village.

As you can see by the images below, their living conditions are difficult and many need medical attention. My purpose is to raise awareness through my images in the hopes that viewers will help support our cause. Supporters can help by sharing this article, or attending our gala this November (To be announced).”

Click here to read Robert’s blog post and to view more of his photographs from this project.


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