Photographer Feature: Robert Postma

  By RobertPostma

Robert Postma IcelandI vividly remember staring in wondrous anticipation as my dad turned over the decaying log. We were looking for salamanders and I was a young boy of 6 or 7. That was how I spent most of my childhood, wandering around the forests of Ontario learning to love and respect nature. I guess that is how I progressed into becoming a landscape and wildlife photographer. It seemed like the natural thing to do, grab a camera and capture my memories so i could share with the world.

The year was 2003 when I sold my first image and there has been no turning back. It is not the money I make from my photography that keeps me going, it is being in places around the world seeing natural wonders that others have not or cannot experience. My goal is to inspire others through photography and instill that deep affection for nature with them.

On the technical side, I first use Lightroom to process initially before importing the images in Photoshop. From there I tweak with my images using luminosity masks and most times applying a digital Orton effect. All in all I take about 30 minutes on images I really like.

As for equipment, I use Sony and Canon gear. The sony A7R2 is the camera of choice for landscape work while the Canon 1DX2 is my go to body for wildlife safaris. I use all Canon lenses ranging from the 11-24mm all the way to 800mm. For the Sony, I use a metabones adapter to allow the use of my Canon gear.

Robert Postma Cathedral GroveI love to travel and have photographed in places such as Iceland, Bolivia, South Africa, Namibia, Italy, and Canada. I am available for private tours in Iceland and will be starting up a photo tour company with Mark Kelly this year. There are a few of my images below.

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