Photo Exhibit Opening: DaySleeper By: Kevin Boyle

  By Evelyn Drake

Photo Exhibit Opening: DaySleeper By: Kevin Boyle

Christine Klassen Gallery 200-321 50 Ave SE, Calgary

February 4th to March 19th, 2016
Opening Reception February 6th, 1PM to 4PM
Artist Talk with Kevin at 2PM

Kevin Boyle is Vancouver-based photographer who was born and raised in the Canadian Prairies. He spends his time roaming the vastness of the plains of his homeland, documenting the dilapidated ruins of what were once thriving communities. His subjects—abandoned businesses and gathering places—are carefully captured under the cover of night and given a second chance to shine. The resulting large format photographs earnestly pay homage to a time that technology and the busyness of life have let pass by.


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