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  By Ryley Smith


When it comes to nature hikes, there is no doubt that binoculars are outstandingly helpful! The Pentax AD 8×25 WP and Pentax ZD 8×43 WP Binoculars help navigate your surroundings, especially when you are off the beaten path. They let you spot birds, deer and other wildlife when taking in your gorgeous surroundings. Pentax Binoculars are seriously wondrous and help make your adventures more exciting as well as safe! Right now, both the Pentax AD 8×25 WP and Pentax ZD 8×43 WP Binoculars are on sale and qualify for free shipping! Step up your outdoor expeditions just in time for autumn’s stunning colours.

Pentax AD 8×25 WP Binocular – $129.87 $109.87

The Pentax 8×25 A-Series AD WP Compact Binocular delivers clear, bright, crisp, true-to-life images while weighing in at just 300.5 grams. The BAK4 roof prisms are phase-corrected to improve image contrast and enhance colour rendition. Durable construction includes fibre-reinforced polycarbonate designs that combine lightweight and rugged styling. The reinforced chassis is exceptionally rigid but light enough to carry anywhere. Waterproof and nitrogen-filled (JIS Class 6) to handle the most extreme weather conditions (submersible to 1m).

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Pentax ZD 8×43 WP Binocular – $599.87 $529.87

The Pentax ZD 8×43 WP Binocular is built to delight the most demanding users and to inspire the most dedicated enthusiasts. The Z-Series brings Pentax’s premium level quality and clarity into a binocular made for critical observation. Premium multi-layer coatings assure maximum light transmission through the binocular. The result is bright, crisp, true-to-life images for a wide range of viewing conditions. A specialized protective coating repels dust, water and grease to keep your optics clean and your image quality at its peak. Magnesium alloy construction balances durability and weight. The lightweight design is ready to handle the rough-and-tumble conditions of life’s adventures!

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